How Chicago Technology Advisors powers its backup service using CloudBerry Lab and Google Cloud Platform

Small to medium-sized companies often can’t afford a sizable IT staff — and not uncommonly, small companies may not be able to afford any IT staff at all. Yet, these companies still need to protect their vital data the same as larger companies do. That’s where Chicago Technology Advisors comes in. They provides IT support and backup services to small and mid-sized companies who don’t have full-time technical resources or whose IT teams prefer to outsource backup and recovery in order to concentrate on the more pressing IT requests they receive.

Backup is one of the most important services Chicago Technology Advisors provides. Rather than build its own backup solution for its customers, they customized a backup service from a partner. The company tried several solutions since its founding in 2013, but most were too complex, difficult to use, required too much monitoring to ensure the services were running properly, or were too expensive for the companies they serve.

After testing multiple backup services, Chicago Technology Advisors selected CloudBerry Lab's Managed Backup solution because of the ease of setup and management and backup features it provides. Chicago Technology Advisors chose from among 20 cloud services to provide storage for the CloudBerry Lab backup solution, and selected Google Cloud Platform because of its affordable, scalable storage and high reliability.

“I’ve used Google technologies and services for years and have always been impressed with them. So when it came time for choosing a backup storage solution for my customers, Google Cloud Platform was a natural choice.” — Mitch Kranitz, Founder and CEO, Chicago Technology Advisors

Building an affordable, high-quality backup service

Chicago Technology Advisors built a customized backup service for its customers using CloudBerry Managed Backup and Google Cloud Storage Coldline and thus keep their monthly storage costs significantly lower than comparable online storage tiers from other cloud vendors. Chicago Technology Advisors can set up a new client with CloudBerry and Google in 20 minutes. The backup service carries the Chicago Technology Advisor brand, which Kranitz says increases customer loyalty. The backup process is managed for customers with a simple-to-use, web-based dashboard, which lets Chicago Technology Advisors manage backups remotely. Customers have access to the dashboard as well, and can manage backups themselves if they choose.

“Thanks to CloudBerry and Google Cloud Storage, we can deliver impressive discounts for our clients, while offering them the most reliable backup service possible,” says Kranitz.

Backing up more than 2,000 workstations and servers

Chicago Technology Advisors backs up more than 2,000 servers and workstations for its clients. The reliability of the CloudBerry backup service and GCP means Kranitz no longer needs to take the time better spent elsewhere making sure that all client data is being backed up on schedule. Reduced backup cost without the need for ongoing backup management means that Chicago Technology Advisors can both take better care of their customers and improve their profit margin over competitive solutions, according to Kranitz.

“With CloudBerry and Google Cloud Platform I can backup terabytes of client data for less cost and pass those savings to our customers while still delivering the quality of service our customers expect,” says Kranitz.