Bulweria: connecting the new car-sharing market with Google Cloud Platform

Leveraging its expertise in big data analytics, UK-based IT solutions company Bulweria has rolled out its Car sharing Universal Platform (CUP) across more than 25 countries. Integrating vehicle measurements, user data, and transport systems worldwide, the car sharing platform handles billions of data points every day for thousands of cars. With more than a million vehicles set to be involved over the next year alone, they needed to be able to scale at rapid speed. To do this, Bulweria built CUP on Google Cloud Platform.

“The sharing mobility market exploded. In a very short space of time, the demand for more and more cars accelerated. The existing technological platforms were not able to deal with that. It is not possible to manage that many vehicles without a cloud infrastructure. For every $1,000 we spend with Google Cloud Platform, we would have spent $100,000 on old platforms.” - Domenico Mangiacapra, Business Development Executive, Bulweria Ltd.

Scaling at speed with steady service

A successful mobility platform has to generate, store, and analyse huge amounts of data with minimal disruption to its end users. Within one year of its creation, CUP's projected network had grown from a few hundred cars to orders of magnitude more. Its existing infrastructure would have struggled to handle such a workload, so Bulweria looked to rebuild CUP around the core objectives of rapid scalability and reliability.

Migrating to Google Cloud Platform in phases over three months allowed Bulweria to test and optimise its new platform while minimising disruption to its existing users. Bulweria redesigned CUP around Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine to deploy CUP in new territories with speed and stability. With Google Cloud Load Balancing automatically distributing resources as needed, Bulweria ensured powerful, fast performance at all times. Google’s suite of big data and machine learning products provide Bulweria with the opportunity to integrate CUP’s user data with their vehicles to create a smart mobility system. With Google Cloud Speech API and Google Cloud Natural Language, the company can enhance user engagement with voice-based interactivity.

“Google Cloud offered the best solution in terms of scalability and cost. Kubernetes was the only solution that could match our solutions, and Cloud Load Balancer was the best product we found on the market. We love it!” - Alessandro Arciero, Chief Information Officer, Bulweria Ltd

Overcoming challenges, adapting to markets

With its new GCP-based infrastructure, Bulweria increased its capability from handling hundreds to millions of vehicles in only three months. CUP is now a highly scalable, reliable platform that takes more than a thousand measurements every second on each of its cars, generating terabytes of data a day without compromising on performance while the speed of the migration gave Bulweria a competitive advantage in a fast-moving market. Over the past year, Bulweria has signed agreements across the globe with car-sharing operators, vehicle manufacturers, and even municipal administrations who are looking to integrate CUP with their public transport systems.

“What started as a general car-sharing platform is now shifting into an integrated mobility system. We will continue to evolve our platform to be at the forefront of modern technological standards. Google is the only partner who can provide the services we need to do that.” - Emanuele Pistone, Chief Executive Officer, Bulweria Ltd