Class AzureClustersClient (2.16.0-rc)

The AzureClusters API provides a single centrally managed service to create and manage Anthos clusters that run on Azure infrastructure.


Instances of this class created via copy-construction or copy-assignment always compare equal. Instances created with equal std::shared_ptr<*Connection> objects compare equal. Objects that compare equal share the same underlying resources.


Creating a new instance of this class is a relatively expensive operation, new objects establish new connections to the service. In contrast, copy-construction, move-construction, and the corresponding assignment operations are relatively efficient as the copies share all underlying resources.

Thread Safety

Concurrent access to different instances of this class, even if they compare equal, is guaranteed to work. Two or more threads operating on the same instance of this class is not guaranteed to work. Since copy-construction and move-construction is a relatively efficient operation, consider using such a copy when using this class from multiple threads.