Artifact Registry is a universal package management service that supports containers and other formats. Learn about transitioning from Container Registry to gain greater flexibility and control over your artifacts.

Setting up Container Registry

If you are setting up a registry in Google Cloud for the first time, consider using Artifact Registry instead instead of Container Registry. Artifact Registry supports containers as well as other artifact formats and provides more flexibility and control. Use the Docker quickstart to get familiar with the service.

To set up Container Registry, complete the following tasks:

  1. Enable Container Registry in your project.
  2. Install Docker.
  3. Configure permissions.
    • Some Google Cloud services such as Cloud Build and Google Kubernetes Engine have default permissions configured for registries in the same Google Cloud project. Make sure that the defaults match your build and deploy workflow, or configure the necessary permissions.
    • You must configure permissions for accounts that third-party-tools will use to access the registry.
  4. Configure Docker to authenticate with the registry.
  5. Create a registry for a multi-region by pushing an initial image to the multi-regional host. For example, to create the registry in the project my-project, push an image to

You have enabled Container Registry and set up a registry. To add registries for other multi-regions, push an initial image to the appropriate host.

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