Artifact Registry est un service universel de gestion de packages compatible avec les conteneurs et d'autres formats. Découvrez comment effectuer une transition depuis Container Registry pour plus de flexibilité et de contrôle sur vos artefacts.

Docker Registry API

Container Registry implements a Docker protocol so that you can push and pull images directly with Docker clients.

Google Cloud applications that typically integrate with Container Registry are configured by default to push and pull images from repositories in the same project.

In addition, you can push and pull images using:

  • The docker command.
  • The Docker Registry API
  • Third-party applications that use the Docker Registry API to communicate with registries.

To use any of the additional options you must:

  • Grant the required permissions to the service account that pushes and pulls images.
  • Configure authentication with Docker. How you configure your credentials will depend on the specific client you are using. For examples of CI/CD integrations with Container Registry, see Continuous delivery tool integrations

Refer to the Docker Registry API documentation for details about using the API.