Voicemail alerts are shown to agents who are assigned to the queue menus that the voicemail came through. If your manager has enabled voicemails, you will see a voicemail button alert for any voicemails that come through the menus you are assigned to.

Voicemails can be played through the attachments in the case/ticket in the CRM, or through the Agent Adapter.

Voicemail Behavior Details

Voicemails via the Agent Adapter are available from all online statuses:

  • Available

  • Unavailable

  • Break

  • Meal

  • Any custom status

If possible, we advise you to click the voicemail button in the adapter rather than listening to the voicemail recording directly through your CRM ticket. If you listen to the voicemail attachment in the CRM ticket instead of clicking the Voicemail button in your agent widget, it may skew the reporting details for your admin.

CRM Actions

When a voicemail is left:

  • A ticket is created in your CRM

  • CCAI Platform uploads the recording to your CRM ticket

  • Voicemail is added to the assigned agent's queue

  • When an agent pickups up the voicemail, CCAI Platform displays the associated CRM ticket and loads the uploaded recording in the agent adapter

  • The voicemail file is stored in the CRM and played through the Agent Adapter

Listening to voicemails with the Agent Adapter

  1. Clicking the desktop notification to launch the Agent Adapter and play the voicemail.


  2. Click the Voicemail button.

  3. Click the play icon to play the voicemail.

  4. Click Call Back to dial the number of the contact associated with the voicemail CRM record.

  5. Click dismiss will dismiss the voicemail from your widget. A ticket in your CRM is still created for this voicemail.

Voicemail in Zendesk

Private comments will be posted when the voicemail is left, listened to, or if a callback is made through the agent adapter.

  1. A media player allows you to listen to the voicemail and information about the time, date, and the name of the queue called are included in the voicemail name.

  2. Different statuses will be seen depending on how the voicemail is managed.

    Voicemail Played: Seen if the agent listened to the voicemail in the agent widget.

    Voicemail Dismissed: Seen if the agent listened to the voicemail in the agent widget and dismissed it without calling the customer back.

    Called Back Customer: Seen if the agent calls the customer back through the agent adapter after listening to the call in the agent adapter

Voicemail in Salesforce

The voicemail will be associated with an attachment to a new task in Salesforce, available in the Activity History section. Your Salesforce view likely looks different than the example below. For specifics about your company's layout, please contact your supervisor or system admin.

To listen to the voicemail:

  1. From the case created in Salesforce, click on the subject of the Task.

  2. Click on the Attachment file name.

  3. Then click on View File to listen to the voicemail.

Clearing Voicemails

If your agents listen to voicemails via your CRM rather than using the Agent Adapter, Voicemails can build-up on the CCAI Platform system.

To clear voicemails:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Call.

  2. In the Voicemails tile, click Clear Voicemails.

Once clicked, the voicemails will be cleared from the Dashboard. Each cleared voicemail will be represented as one call in the call metrics at the date and time the option is clicked in the Call Dashboard. This will not impact reporting metrics or CRM records.