MS Dynamics Installation Guide

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MS Dynamics - Connector Update Steps

The MS Dynamics CRM package is available at MS Dynamics Zip.

The connector installed to Dynamics allows agents to take calls and chats directly within a Dynamics dashboard.

Note: Steps are described using the "Power Apps" user interface.

The installation consists of two high level steps:

  • Navigating to Solutions Management.

  • Import the updated Connector

Connector Update

1. Navigate to Solutions Management.

This section guides you to where to update the Connector in Solutions Management.

  • Access to MS Dynamics instance

  • Admin user access

  • In Dynamics, use the top right cogwheel to navigate to Advanced Settings.

  • In the Settings screen, click on the carrot next to Settings to open the dropdown, and from there select Solutions (see image below).


In the Solutions Management list, you can see the Connector.

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2. Update the Connector in Dynamics

  • Admin user with privileges to import connectors in Solutions Management.

  • Desired managed Connector zip file. For example,

  • Have the Power Apps user interface.

  • A sufficient time window for agent adapter downtime. (~10 minutes)

Import the Connector in Dynamics.
  • In the Power Apps header, click on the Import link. This will bring up a side panel Add a Solution.

  • From the side panel, Click Browse to select the Connector to be uploaded/imported.

  • Click Import. The details of the package of the connector to be uploaded/imported should now appear. If the details appear correctly, proceed to the next step. If not, recheck the correct file was selected.

  • Click Next.

Follow the steps to finish importing, there are no specific options required for the upgrading of the Connector. NOTE:Installation takes 5-10 minutes and Connector will not be stable during this time.

Once finished, refreshing the agent page will show the updated connector.


The connector will be installed and ready for use.

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Version History
  • Added a detachable agent adapter capability

  • Updated agent header with actionable icons (refresh & close)