Add Parties to Call and Chat

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Add Parties to Call and Chat


When on a call, you may want to add a vendor, or any other outside participant into the call to create a conference call. You can also call another party and speak to the other caller while the first caller is on hold, then return to the first caller without connecting the two callers. Both of these scenarios can be done with the Add a Party feature.

Adding a third party to a call

  1. Click the Hold button to place the current caller on hold.

  2. Click Add Party to bring up the dial pad.

  3. Enter the third party number.

  4. Click the Call button to dial out to the third party.

  5. Remain on the line, complete the call as normal, and click Done when you are finished;


  6. If you want to leave the call so that the two (or more) callers on the line remain on a call but you are no longer connected, click Done.

Adding another party or transferring a chat

  1. Click the arrow next to the chat user's name.

  2. Select Transfer from the menu.

  3. Enter an Agent name;


  4. Select a queue from the available list below. If there are sub-queues, you will need to click first on the Top-level queue to find the queue you are looking for.

  5. Note the expected wait time next to the queue name.

  6. Click on the Agent or Queue selection to bring the agent into the chat.

  7. Click end chat from the above menu to leave the chat for the new agent and the consumer;


  8. Stay on the chat to have a group conversation.