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Manage Google Cloud Platform services from your Android or iOS device.

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Google Cloud Platform in a mobile app

The Cloud Console Mobile App gives you a convenient way to discover, understand, and respond to production issues. Monitor and make changes to Google Cloud Platform resources from your iOS and Android device. Manage GCP resources such as projects, billing, App Engine apps, and Compute Engine VMs. Receive and respond to alerts helping you quickly address production-impacting issues.

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Production alerting

Be alerted right on your Android or iOS device anytime there is a production issue in your application. Quickly understand the issue, triage it, and bring in your team to help.

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Diagnose and fix issues

Take action to address issues directly from your device, such as rolling back a bad release, stopping or restarting a VM, searching logs, or even connecting to a VM via SSH.

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Keep an eye on your environment

Monitor the status of App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL resources. Create custom views to give you exactly the data you need at a glance.


Incident management

Open, assign, acknowledge, and resolve incidents to keep your team in sync.


Get alerts on production issues.

Error reporting

Triage and understand the crashes of your cloud services.

Compute Engine

Start, stop, and SSH into instances. See logs from each instance.

Customizable dashboard

Understand the health of your service at a glance with customizable graphs showing show key metrics such as CPU usage, network usage, requests per second, server errors, and much more.


See up-to-date billing information and get billing alerts for projects going over budget.

App Engine

See errors, roll back, and change traffic splitting.

Cloud Storage

View and delete Cloud Storage data (image, logs, files, etc.).

Cloud SQL

View health, start, and stop Cloud SQL instances.



The Cloud Console Mobile App is available free of charge to Google Cloud Platform customers.

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