Confluent and Google Cloud

Confluent Cloud on Google Cloud provides fully managed Apache Kafka® as a service so you can focus on building apps and not managing clusters.

Confluent and google cloud
Google cloud partner of the year

Confluent named Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Data & Analytics

The complete event-streaming platform for Apache Kafka

Confluent Cloud is a complete event-streaming platform that provides more than Kafka with KSQL for real-time event processing, managed Schema Registry to ensure data compatibility, and managed connectors to simplify how you integrate with other Google Cloud services.

Built and operated by the team that created Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud enables customers to build event-driven applications at any scale. Designed to meet the demands of event streaming for mission-critical use cases, whether you are in development or going to production, you are in expert hands.

Use cases

Many large enterprises have achieved success with Kafka because of the practicality of keeping messaging, storage, and processing in one distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, high-volume, technology-independent streaming platform. Some sample use cases include:

Messaging modernization

Decouple producers and consumers with a fault-tolerant, scalable streaming platform.

Event-driven microservices

Evolve your shared-state applications to a lightweight and responsive microservices architecture.

Hybrid and multi-cloud streaming

Stream data from on-premises Confluent Platform to Confluent Cloud or between multiple public clouds.

Database/mainframe offloading

Make transactional data on mainframes available to external systems.

SIEM modernization

Send the right data to the right downstream system by filtering and transforming through stream processing.

Accelerate app modernization with Anthos

Building cloud-native apps in hybrid and multi-clouds is difficult because applications require both infrastructure and data. Risky point-to-point connections, multiple disparate tools, and complex management also add to the complexity of accessing and processing data, and legacy integration. Anthos and Confluent deliver a complete and seamless hybrid cloud experience for developing cloud-native applications on Kubernetes.

  • Consistent infrastructure management with Anthos
  • Consistent data platform bridging on-premises, hybrid, and multi-clouds with Confluent
  • Automated deployment and life cycle management on Kubernetes
  • Seamless integration with Google Cloud Marketplace and services


Complete event-streaming platform for the enterprise

  • Real-time processing with fully managed KSQL
  • Integrate all your systems quickly with Kafka Connectors
  • Move from batch to real time
  • Elastic scalability: scale to trillions of events per day
  • Persistence enables replay and delivers context to enable entirely new outcomes

Native integration on GCP

  • Fully managed service
  • 99.95% uptime SLA
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Google Cloud services
  • Integrated Google Cloud support
  • Google Cloud integrated billing
  • Connect with any data you choose, anywhere