Confidential VM and Confidential Space locations

Confidential VM and Confidential Space are available in locations that support N2D and C2D virtual machine types, and AMD EPYC CPUs.

View supported regions and zones

To view the supported regions and zones, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Available regions and zones.

  2. Click the Select a machine type box, and then select N2D and C2D.

  3. Click the CPU box, and then select AMD EPYC Rome and AMD EPYC Milan.

Additionally, Confidential Space requires Certificate Authority Service, which operates in specific locations.

List CPU platforms available in a zone with gcloud CLI

To list the available CPU platforms in a specific zone with the gcloud CLI, use the zones describe subcommand:

gcloud compute zones describe ZONE_NAME \

For example, the following command shows you what CPU platforms are available in zone us-central1-f:

gcloud compute zones describe us-central1-f --format="value(availableCpuPlatforms)"

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