Using Legacy Networks

This page describes creating and modifying Google Cloud Platform legacy networks. Legacy networks are not recommended. For more features and better network management, use a VPC network instead.

Before you begin

Creating a legacy network

You can still create a legacy network without subnets. Legacy networks have a single global IP range. You cannot create subnets in a legacy network or switch from legacy to auto or custom subnet networks.

  1. Create a new legacy network in your project.

      gcloud compute networks create legacy-network1 \
          --subnet-mode legacy \

      NAME            MODE   IPV4_RANGE    GATEWAY_IPV4
      legacy-network1 legacy

Deleting a legacy network

For a legacy network, you can explicitly delete the network only if the network is not in use by any resources.

To delete the network:

gcloud compute networks delete my-legacy-network

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