Troubleshooting VM creation

If you cannot create a VM instance, it might be due to one of the following issues:

Simultaneous resource mutation or creation operations

If you update more than one resource at a time, for example, modifying secondary ranges in a subnetwork and creating a VM at the same time, you might see a not ready error.

Error message:

The resource 'projects/PROJECT/regions/REGION/subnetworks/default' is not ready

Resolution: Retry the failed operation.

Resource availability

Resource errors occur when you try to request new resources in a zone that cannot accommodate your request due to the current unavailability of a Compute Engine resource, such as GPUs or CPUs.

Resource errors only apply to new resource requests in the zone and do not affect existing resources. Resource errors are not related to your Compute Engine quota and only apply to the resource you specified in your request at the time you sent the request, not to all resources in the zone.

Error messages:




  • Because this situation is temporary and can change frequently based on fluctuating demand, try your request again later.
  • Try to create the resources in another zone in the region or in another region.
  • Try to change the shape of the VM you are requesting. It's easier to get smaller machine types than larger ones. A change to your request, such as reducing the number of GPUs or using a custom VM with less memory or vCPUs, might let your request proceed.
  • Use Compute Engine reservations to reserve resources within a zone to ensure that the resources you need are available when you need them.
  • If you are trying to create a preemptible instance, remember that preemptible VMs are spare capacity and so might not be obtainable at peak demand periods.
  • If you were unable to resolve the error using any of the preceding instructions, try Getting support.

Zone availability

If you receive a notFound or does not exist in zone error when requesting new resources, it means that the zone you are requesting the resource in does not offer the resource or machine type that you have requested.

Error messages:


does not exist in zone

Resolution: See Regions and zones to find out which features are available in each zone.