REST Resource: sslCertificates

Resource: SslCertificate

Represents an SSL Certificate resource.

Google Compute Engine has two SSL Certificate resources:

The sslCertificates are used by:

  • external HTTPS load balancers
  • SSL proxy load balancers

The regionSslCertificates are used by internal HTTPS load balancers.

Optionally, certificate file contents that you upload can contain a set of up to five PEM-encoded certificates. The API call creates an object (sslCertificate) that holds this data. You can use SSL keys and certificates to secure connections to a load balancer. For more information, read Creating and using SSL certificates, SSL certificates quotas and limits, and Troubleshooting SSL certificates.

JSON representation
  "id": string,
  "creationTimestamp": string,
  "name": string,
  "description": string,
  "selfLink": string,
  "certificate": string,
  "privateKey": string,
  "managed": {
    "domains": [
    "status": enum,
    "domainStatus": {
      string: enum,
  "selfManaged": {
    "certificate": string,
    "privateKey": string
  "type": enum,
  "subjectAlternativeNames": [
  "expireTime": string,
  "region": string,
  "kind": string

string (uint64 format)

[Output Only] The unique identifier for the resource. This identifier is defined by the server.



[Output Only] Creation timestamp in RFC3339 text format.



Name of the resource. Provided by the client when the resource is created. The name must be 1-63 characters long, and comply with RFC1035. Specifically,