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Resource representations

Represents a regional Commitment resource. Creating a Commitment resource means that you are purchasing a committed use contract with an explicit start and end time. You can create commitments based on vCPUs and memory usage and receive discounted rates. For full details, read Signing Up for Committed Use Discounts.

Committed use discounts are subject to Google Cloud Platform's Service Specific Terms. By purchasing a committed use discount, you agree to these terms. Committed use discounts will not renew, so you must purchase a new commitment to continue receiving discounts.

  "commitments": [
    commitments Resource
  "warning": {
    "code": string,
    "message": string,
    "data": [
        "key": string,
        "value": string
Property name Value Description Notes
commitments[] list [Output Only] List of commitments contained in this scope.
warning object [Output Only] Informational warning which replaces the list of commitments when the list is empty.
warning.code string [Output Only] A warning code, if applicable. For example, Compute Engine returns NO_RESULTS_ON_PAGE if there are no results in the response.[] list [Output Only] Metadata about this warning in key: value format. For example:
"data": [ { "key": "scope", "value": "zones/us-east1-d" }[].key string [Output Only] A key that provides more detail on the warning being returned. For example, for warnings where there are no results in a list request for a particular zone, this key might be scope and the key value might be the zone name. Other examples might be a key indicating a deprecated resource and a suggested replacement, or a warning about invalid network settings (for example, if an instance attempts to perform IP forwarding but is not enabled for IP forwarding).[].value string [Output Only] A warning data value corresponding to the key.
warning.message string [Output Only] A human-readable description of the warning code.


Retrieves an aggregated list of commitments.

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