Creating a VM Instance from an Existing Instance

You can create a new instance from an existing instance using the Create similar option in the Google Cloud Platform Console. When you create an instance in this manner, the GCP Console creates a new instance with the same configuration as the source instance but does not copy any data stored on the persistent disks or the existing instance.


You can only use this feature in the GCP Console; this feature is not supported in the gcloud tool or the API.

Creating a similar instance

  1. Go to the VM instances page.

    Go to the VM instances page

  2. Click on the instance you want to clone.
  3. At the top of the VM instance details page, click Create similar.

    Screenshot for creating a similar VM instance

  4. The GCP Console copies the configuration and populates a VM creation screen with the configurations.

  5. Make further customizations as needed and click Create when you are ready. Read create an instance for additional setup details.

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