Third-party Software & Services

There are many additional software and services that you could use to augment your experience with Google Compute Engine. From software to databases to managed services, it is possible to use many combinations of software with Compute Engine.

This page documents some well-known services and software to use with Compute Engine.


Service Description Vendor Getting started
CloudAMQP Managed RabbitMQ Service 84codes AB, Inc CloudAMQP on Compute Engine
mLab Managed MongoDB databases ObjectLabs Corporation mLab on Compute Engine
Redis Labs Managed Redis databases Redis Labs, Inc RedisLab on Compute Engine
SendGrid Email delivery and management SendGrid SendGrid on Compute Engine


Technology Vendor Type Getting started License
Ansible Ansible, Inc Configuration management Ansible on Compute Engine GNU
Apache Cassandra The Apache Software Foundation NoSQL Database Cassandra on Compute Engine Apache
Chef Chef Software, Inc Configuration management Chef on Compute Engine Apache
Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) DPDK Libraries and drivers for fast packet processing Setup and configure DPDK on Compute Engine instances Open Source BSD license
Datastax Enterprise Datastax Inc NoSQL Database Datastax Enterprise on Compute Engine Datastax Enterprise EULA
Mesosphere Mesosphere, Inc Cluster management Getting started Mesosphere Terms of Service
MongoDB MongoDB, Inc NoSQL database MongoDB on Compute Engine GNU AGPL 3.0
Puppet Puppet Labs Configuration management Puppet Enterprise on Compute Engine Apache
RabbitMQ Pivotal Software, Inc Messaging software RabbitMQ on Compute Engine Mozilla Public License
SaltStack SaltStack, Inc Configuration management SaltStack on Compute Engine Apache
Terraform HashiCorp Infrastructure as Code Terraform Google Cloud Provider MPLv2


Ansible automates configuration management, application deployment, and other IT management tasks.

Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database that is designed around distributed principles. By distributing data across multiple nodes, your cluster becomes resilient to individual node failure, and scaling up your cluster simply means adding new nodes.


Chef is a systems and cloud infrastructure automation framework that deploys servers and applications to any physical, virtual, or cloud location, no matter the size of the infrastructure.


CloudAMQP is a managed service that offers hosted RabbitMQ as a service in the cloud. RabbitMQ is an open-source messaging broker software that lets you build a message system for applications.

Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

You can use DPDK software on Compute Engine instances for applications that require reduced network packet processing overhead on the guest operating system. Google tests the following DPDK versions:

  • DPDK 18.05 on CentOS 7
  • DPDK 17.11 on CentOS 7
  • DPDK 17.05 on CentOS 7
  • DPDK 16.11 on CentOS 7
  • DPDK 16.07 on CentOS 7

Compute Engine uses virtionet network drivers. To set up and configure DPDK on Compute Engine instances, follow the instructions to install the poll mode driver for an emulated virtio NIC.

You can optimize DPDK performance on Compute Engine using the following guidelines:

  • Enable DPDK TCP Segmentation Offload by setting the PKT_TX_TCP_SEG option.
  • Set the isolcpus kernel parameters to reduce context switches when running DPDK using the poll mode driver on a multi-vCPU instance.

Datastax Enterprise

Datastax offers enterprise-ready versions of Apache Cassandra, with integrated search and analytics, and 24x7 support. Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL database.


Mesosphere is a cluster manager that helps you run multiple applications on a shared pool of virtual machines.


MongoDB is an open-source, agile NoSQL database that allow schemas to change quickly while providing the same functionality as traditional databases.


mLab offers managed MongoDB. MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database.


Puppet allows you to automate the configuration and ongoing management of virtual machines and the software running on them.


RabbitMQ is a robust open-source messaging broker software that lets you build a messaging system for your applications.

Redis Labs

Redis Labs offers managed Redis databases in the Cloud. Redis is an open-source advanced key-value cache and storage software.


SaltStack is a systems and configuration management software that automates any infrastructure, cloud or DevOps function.


SendGrid is a partner service that provides Google Compute Engine customers with a free or paid SendGrid account that you can use to send mail from Google Compute Engine instances.


Terraform is a tool for writing, planning, and creating Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

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