Compute-optimized machine family

Compute-optimized virtual machine (VMs) instances are ideal for customers most performance-intensive workloads. Compute-optimized VMs are built on architecture that utilizes features like non-uniform memory access (NUMA) for optimal reliable uniform performance.

Machine Workloads
C2 VMs
  • Compute-bound workloads
  • High-performance web serving
  • Gaming (AAA game servers)
  • Ad serving
  • High-performance computing (HPC)
  • Media transcoding
  • AI/ML

This machine family is built on the 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor (Cascade Lake) offering up to 3.8 GHz sustained all-core turbo clock speed. Compute-optimized VMs offer the highest consistent performance per core to support real-time application performance.

C2 VMs

C2 VMs provide full transparency into the architecture of the underlying server platforms, letting you fine-tune the performance. C2s offer much more computing power, and are generally more robust for compute-intensive workloads compared to N1 high-CPU machine types.

C2 VMs come in different machine types ranging from 4 to 60 vCPUs, and offer up to 240 GB of memory. You can attach up to 3TB of local storage to these VMs for applications that require higher storage performance.

C2 VMs produce a greater than 40% performance improvement compared to the previous generation N1 machines and offer higher performance per thread and isolation for latency-sensitive workloads.

C2 enables the highest performance per core and the highest frequency for compute-bound workloads using Intel 3.8 GHz Cascade Lake processors. If you are looking to optimize workloads for single thread performance, particularly with respect to floating point, use C2 in order to leverage AVX512 capabilities only available on Intel.

Machine types vCPUs* Memory (GB) Max number of persistent disks (PDs) Max total PD size (TB) Local SSD Maximum egress bandwidth (Gbps)
c2-standard-4 4 16 128 257 Yes 10
c2-standard-8 8 32 128 257 Yes 16
c2-standard-16 16 64 128 257 Yes 32
c2-standard-30 30 120 128 257 Yes 32
c2-standard-60 60 240 128 257 Yes 32

*A vCPU is implemented as a single hardware Hyper-thread on one of the available CPU platforms.
Persistent disk usage is charged separately from machine type pricing.
Maximum egress bandwidth cannot exceed the number given. Actual egress bandwidth depends on the destination IP address and other factors. See Network bandwidth.


C2 VMs have the following restrictions:

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