Composer Dataproc Workflow Instantiate Operator Tutorial (Airflow 1)

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Example Airflow DAG that kicks off a Cloud Dataproc Template that runs a Spark Pi Job.

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"""Example Airflow DAG that kicks off a Cloud Dataproc Template that runs a
Spark Pi Job.

This DAG relies on an Airflow variable
* project_id - Google Cloud Project ID to use for the Cloud Dataproc Template.

import datetime

from airflow import models
from airflow.contrib.operators import dataproc_operator
from airflow.utils.dates import days_ago

project_id = "{{var.value.project_id}}"

default_args = {
    # Tell airflow to start one day ago, so that it runs as soon as you upload it
    "start_date": days_ago(1),
    "project_id": project_id,

# Define a DAG (directed acyclic graph) of tasks.
# Any task you create within the context manager is automatically added to the
# DAG object.
with models.DAG(
    # The id you will see in the DAG airflow page
    # The interval with which to schedule the DAG
    schedule_interval=datetime.timedelta(days=1),  # Override to match your needs
) as dag:

    start_template_job = dataproc_operator.DataprocWorkflowTemplateInstantiateOperator(
        # The task id of your job
        # The template id of your workflow
        # The region for the template
        # For more info on regions where Dataflow is available see:

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