Bashoperator python2

이 예시에서는 Airflow가 스크립트를 DAG로 파싱하지 못하도록 데이터 폴더에서 Python 스크립트를 실행합니다.

코드 샘플


import datetime

from airflow import models
from airflow.operators import bash_operator

yesterday = datetime.datetime.combine( - datetime.timedelta(1),

default_dag_args = {
    # Setting start date as yesterday starts the DAG immediately when it is
    # detected in the Cloud Storage bucket.
    'start_date': yesterday,

with models.DAG(
        default_args=default_dag_args) as dag:

    run_python2 = bash_operator.BashOperator(
        # This example runs a Python script from the data folder to prevent
        # Airflow from attempting to parse the script as a DAG.
        bash_command='python2 /home/airflow/gcs/data/',

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