Cloud Composer FAQ


What is Cloud Composer?

Cloud Composer is a managed Apache Airflow service that helps you create, schedule, monitor and manage workflows. Cloud Composer automation helps you create Airflow environments quickly and use Airflow-native tools, such as the powerful Airflow web interface and command line tools, so you can focus on your workflows and not your infrastructure.

What version of Apache Airflow does Cloud Composer use?

The Cloud Composer release notes contains information on the latest version of Apache Airflow offered.

How can I get support?

See Cloud Composer Support.

How much does Cloud Composer cost?

See Cloud Composer Pricing.

Interacting with Cloud Composer

Is the Apache Airflow web interface provided?

Yes, Apache Airflow web interface is provided on Cloud Composer environments. You can connect to the web interface with Google Cloud Platform or by retrieving the direct URL using the gcloud command-line tool.

Is the Apache Airflow command line interface supported?

Yes, Cloud Composer provides a mechanism to run commands which are compliant with the Apache Airflow command line interface (CLI). You can use the command gcloud beta composer environments to issue Airflow CLI commands to Cloud Composer environments. See Airflow command-line interface for more info.

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