Using the GKE Explorer

Accessing the GKE Explorer

If you're using Google Cloud to host your Kubernetes resources, you'll find the GKE Explorer (as a panel accessible through the Kubernetes explorer under the Cloud Code view Kubernetes Explorer icon) useful to accomplish basic GKE tasks like viewing existing clusters (Standard and Autopilot), creating new clusters, and setting active clusters.

Within the GKE Explorer, the following tasks are available:

  • Plus icon Creating a new cluster
  • Pin icon Pinning a project
  • Refresh icon Refreshing the GKE Explorer
  • Sign out icon Signing out of the Cloud SDK
  • Deleting a cluster (by right-clicking on a cluster)
  • Setting an active cluster (by right-clicking on a cluster)

    GKE Explorer view with annotated buttons

For more advanced tasks, you can open the cluster in Google Cloud Console, using the icon next to the cluster listing in the Explorer Open in Cloud Console icon.

Getting Support

To send feedback, report issues on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.