Troubleshooting common issues

How is the 'Cloud Code: Run on Kubernetes' command different from 'Cloud Code: Deploy Application'?

Run on Kubernetes is the updated command to run and view your live application. Deploy Application and Deploy Application Continuously have been deprecated in favour of this command.

With Run on Kubernetes, you get a more streamlined setup process with smarter prompts, all your run-related settings in one place (run configuration in .vscode/launch.json), automatic port-forwarding and resource cleanup on application termination, and 'watch' mode turned on to allow continuous building and real-time editing to your live application. Run on Kubernetes gives you more flexibility to create and use different configurations, use any skaffold.yaml files in your workspace, and run your app repeatedly with fewer prompts.

Additionally, Run on Kubernetes always runs your app in the current context, as specified in the kubeconfig file.

To mimic the behavior of Deploy Application with Run on Kubernetes, you can set 'watch', 'port-forward', and 'cleanup' in your .vscode/launch.json to false before running the command.

Refer to the customizing run configuration section for more details on how to specify these run configuration fields.

How do I change my image registry information if it's incorrect?

You can update it in your launch configuration (found in .vscode/launch.json).

How do I opt out of telemetry reporting?

To help improve the Cloud Code plugin, usage statistics are collected. You can opt-out at any time by selecting Code > Preferences > Settings from the top-level application taskbar and updating 'Enable Telemetry' with your preference.