Cloud Code support for Apple M-series silicon

This page describes Cloud Code for VS Code's support for Apple M-series silicon.

For a detailed look at current support, limitations, and workarounds for working with Cloud Code on Apple M-series silicon, see the tracking GitHub issue.

Installing Cloud Code

Auto dependencies only work on Macs with Apple M-series silicon if you first install Rosetta 2. Auto dependencies allow Cloud Code to install some command-line dependencies for you. For steps to install Rosetta 2, see Installing Rosetta on an M1 Mac.

If you prefer not to install Rosetta 2, you can turn off managed dependencies and install your own ARM versions of command-line dependencies as described in Custom versions of dependencies.

Deploying from a Mac with Apple M-series silicon

Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Run only support x86 images. To deploy to GKE or Cloud Run, you must build an image that can run on an x86 architecture. Cloud Code makes it easy to build x86 images using Cloud Build.

For steps to build using Cloud Build for deployment to GKE, see Choosing a builder and build environment.

For steps to build using Cloud Build for deployment to Cloud Run, see Deploying a service to Cloud Run.

For information about the cost of building your application using Cloud Build, see Cloud Build Pricing.