Creating a Cloud Run for Anthos cluster

If you'd like to develop a Cloud Run service using Cloud Code and Anthos, you can use Cloud Code to create a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster with Cloud Run for Anthos enabled. You can then easily deploy your app to your cluster.

Creating a GKE cluster with Cloud Run for Anthos enabled

The Kubernetes Explorer opens the Cloud Console where you can quickly create a cluster with Cloud Run for Anthos support enabled:

  1. To open the Kubernetes Explorer, click Kubernetes Explorer icon Cloud Code - Kubernetes
  2. In the header of the Kubernetes Explorer pane, click + Add a Cluster to the KubeConfig.
  3. Choose Google Kubernetes Engine and then click + Create a new GKE Cluster.
  4. Choose Standard or Autopilot.
  5. If prompted, click Open to permit Cloud Code to open the Google Cloud Console.
  6. Click the Features tab and then check the Enable Cloud Run for Anthos checkbox.
  7. Choose any other configuration options that you want to customize.
  8. Click Create.
  9. After the cluster is created, in Kubernetes Explorer, click Refresh Kubernetes cluster view Refresh.
  10. After the name of your new cluster appears in the list, click the cluster name. Your new cluster is added to the configuration.