Using the Cloud Run Explorer

Cloud Code comes with the Cloud Run Explorer; an easy way of monitoring your existing Cloud Run services and revisions, without having to leave your IDE.

Viewing service status with the Cloud Run Explorer

You can view the status of your Cloud Run services and revisions using the Cloud Run Explorer:

  1. Navigate to the Cloud Run Explorer. It can be accessed from the side panel on the right.

    Cloud Run explorer tab highlighted on the right hand-side panel

  2. Click on a service or a revision in the explorer to display its properties.

    Cloud Run explorer open with a service selected and its properties displayed below

  3. Within a service, active revisions with allocated traffic are displayed next to the revision name. Inactive revisions are grouped separately.

    Cloud Run explorer with active and inactive revisions visible under a service

  4. Additionally, you can right click an active resource within the Cloud Run Explorer and choose to:

    • Open its corresponding URL (for a service)

      Right click a service to open the URL to its corresponding live service

    • View logs (for a revision)

      Right-click on a revision to view its logs

Getting Support

To send feedback, report issues on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.