Enabling Access Transparency

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This page explains how you can enable and disable Access Transparency for your Google Cloud organization.

Requirements for enabling Access Transparency

To enable Access Transparency for a Google Cloud project, the project must reside in an organization.

Configuring Access Transparency using the Google Cloud console

To enable Access Transparency, do the following:

  1. Check your organization-level permissions:

    1. Go to the Identity and Access Management page on the Google Cloud console.

      Go to Identity and Access Management

    2. If you're prompted, select the Google Cloud organization in the selector menu.

    3. Verify that you have the IAM role Access Transparency Admin (roles/axt.admin) listed in the Role column for your Principal listing.

  2. Select any Google Cloud project within the organization using the selector menu.

    Access Transparency is configured on a Google Cloud project page but Access Transparency is enabled for the entire organization.

  3. Verify that the Google Cloud project is associated with a billing account; you can configure Access Transparency in the Google Cloud console only from a project that is associated with a billing account:

    1. In the left-hand navigation menu, select Billing. If you see the message This project is not associated with a billing account, then either select a different project or see instructions for Changing the billing account for a project.
  4. Go to the IAM & Admin > Settings page.

    1. Click the Enable Access Transparency button.

    Enable Access Transparency

Disabling Access Transparency

To disable Access Transparency, contact Google Cloud Support.

What's next

For information about the pricing of Access Transparency, see Pricing.