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Span Public and Private Clouds to Let Services Run Where They Run Best

We are excited to announce a collaboration between Google Cloud and Cisco to create an open cloud hybrid architecture to meet you where you are on your cloud journey.

Whether using on premises, cloud native or any configuration of hybrid cloud computing, Google Cloud and Cisco will provide a well supported path for you to migrate to cloud at your own pace and on your own terms, with help from open source technologies.

A key piece of this architecture is Istio ( , a new container and microservice-optimized open source networking technology. Istio allows you to use policy-driven controls to scalably connect, secure, discover and govern connections between services, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Now you can optimize your cloud to achieve unprecedented business agility and investment protection.

Cisco and Google Cloud Platform

Benefits of using Google Cloud with Cisco

Multicloud Orchestration and Management
Policy-based orchestration and lifecycle management of resources, applications and services across hybrid environments
Enterprise Networking
Extend network policy and configurations to multiple on-premise and cloud environments
Enterprise Security
Extend security policy and monitor applications behavior
Visibility and Control
Real-time network and application performance monitoring and automation
Cloud-ready Infrastructure
Hyperconverged platform supporting existing applications and cloud-native Kubernetes environments
Multicloud Service Management with Istio
Open-source solution provides a uniform way to connect, secure, manage and monitor microservices
API Management
Google’s Apigee enterprise-class API management enables legacy workloads running on premises to connect to the cloud through APIs

Legacy Dependencies

Scale beyond the datacenter

Google Cloud can securely consume services from existing systems running on premises using modern rest-based APIs. Google Cloud enables app developers to build services that scale and can extend their customer reach while consuming data locked in existing systems that cannot move to the cloud yet.

The Challenges
  • Legacy dependencies
  • Inability to scale
  • Need to extend reach to meet customer requirements
The Benefits
  • Securely consume existing systems from services running on Google Cloud with scale and reach. All you need is a network connection.

Local Execution

Agile development for distributed locations

Software delivery pipelines can be triggered to automate deployments that leverage the cloud and on premises as target environments for development, testing, staging, and production without changing a line of code in the application.

The Challenges
  • Running agile apps in distributed locations, sometimes disconnected
  • Consuming cloud services from on premises apps
  • CI/CD pipelines that span on premises and public cloud
The Benefits
  • Run code easily both on premises or Google Cloud Platform
  • Open, flexible and platform agnostic
  • Consistent APIs for consuming Google Cloud Services from both on premises and cloud

Hybrid Services

Extend Google Cloud Services to on premises environments

Accelerate application modernization by enabling containerized services running on premises to consume Google Cloud Services. Applications can be future-proofed to consume Google Cloud Services using a consistent set of APIs.

The Challenges
  • Service consumers on premises securely consuming Google Cloud Services
The Benefits
  • Discover available Google Cloud services using a local service catalog
  • Future-proofed applications
  • Auto authentication from on premises to Google Cloud Services

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