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Change log for CS_EDR

Date Changes
2022-04-27 Bug - Fix: 1. Changed udm event_type from GENERIC_EVENT to USER_LOGIN for logs with ExternalApiType = Event_AuthActivityAuditEvent.
2. Changed mappings for target_user,actor_user, actor_user_uuid from additional.fields to target.user.email_addresses, target.user.user_display_name, target.user.userid respectively.
2022-04-25 Enhancement - Mapped "RemoteAddressIP4" to principal.ip.
2022-04-14 Bug - Added Support for ScriptContent field for all type of logs
2022-04-13 Enhancement-Added mappings for new fields
Added new event mappings - AuthenticationPackage mapped to
2022-04-04 Bug - Mapped "OriginatingURL" to principal.url for NetworkConnect events.