Cloud-native security for endpoints

Chrome Enterprise’s innovative approach to protecting data and simplifying IT management

Endpoint protection is one of the greatest single challenges faced today by IT professionals. Enforcing consistent images, patches, firmware, operating systems, utilities, drivers, browsers, and applications across hundreds of distributed devices is tedious for organizations of all sizes.

Why not rethink the model? Google has re-engineered endpoint security, leveraging the inherent advantages of cloud computing with a multilayered approach to provide defenses across the entire device: from the lowest level of the firmware, operating system, data, browser, and apps.

Power your frontline workforce with the cloud whitepaper

What’s inside?

  • Deep-dive into device, firmware, OS, browser, application, and data security
  • Flexible, centralized and delegated administration abilities with Chrome Enterprise
  • How you can leverage Active Directory and third party EMM providers

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