Cloud-native security for endpoints

Chrome OS and Chrome Browser are secure by design. Protect users against threats and deliver trusted apps to employees — backed by the power of Chrome Enterprise.

Cloud native security for endpoints

Keep your business safe in the cloud with Chrome Enterprise’s game-changing approach to protecting data and simplifying management

Multilayered defenses at every cloud entry point

Encryption keys are stored on the hardware security module located on every Chromebook.
Verified boot detects when the OS has been tampered with and the firmware will attempt to boot up an alternate copy.
Operating System
An OS encrypted at the data and user level boosts productivity with security updates that happen in the background.
Safe Browsing deters users from visiting malicious webpages, while sandboxing isolates sites within tabs to protect accessible areas.
Google Play inspects billions of apps for malicious threats daily to keep users safe.
Proactive protections
Prevent unauthorized access and alert users to potential threats.
Detect malware and avoid tampering using verified boot.
Encode data with per-user data encryption capabilities.
Wipe data from any device after a session with ephemeral mode.
Alert users to risks and prevent visits to infected sites with Safe Browsing.
Isolate user sessions to contain potential threats with user sandboxing.
Flag malicious apps with Google Play Protect before they endanger devices.
Granular policy controls
Manage users’ cloud activity across all devices.
Provision and monitor devices from any location.
Ensure compliance with all employees from day one.
Stop unauthorized access if a device is lost or stolen with remote lock.
Curate your own app store for employees to use.
Fine-tune 300+ security policies down to the user level.
Whitelist extensions and avoid potentially harmful applications.
Continuous vulnerability management
Stop emerging threats without interrupting workflow.
Secure vulnerabilities before they happen with automatic patching.
Stay current with security updates released every six weeks.
Fix bugs regularly with seamless deployments.
Avoid downtime created by forced updates.
Update users and devices with the latest firmware instantly.
Enable productivity during data migrations.

Chrome Enterprise license offers these features and more.

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