Rethink your retail experience

Keep shoppers and team members informed with cloud native devices.

Create a better in-store environment with the cloud

Empower your team members

Drive competitive advantage with cloud-native tools.

  • Easy access to apps and info. Give ready access to the apps and information employees need to better assist customers
  • A better way to work. Start fast and stay fast on devices with quick boot times and the familiar UX of Chrome Browser and Chrome OS
  • Devices that work anywhere. Choose from 2-in-1s, tablets, clamshells, and more to connect your team from anywhere
Digitized processes icon

Digitized processes

Skip the hassle by digitizing common processes including shift scheduling, time sheets, training, announcements, and web-based tasks on a shared back office device.

Info on the go icon

Info on the go

Keep team members connected to data they need while visiting regional stores or assisting clients at home with lightweight devices that have long battery lives.

Companies that invest in employee experience are 4x as profitable.

Source: Hbr

Wow your shoppers

Grab customer attention like never before with cloud-based solutions.

  • Self-service transactions. Give your customers more autonomy while influencing purchase decisions with self-service kiosks
  • Knowledgeable service. Help customers make better purchasing decisions with team members who have the latest product info at their fingertips
  • Personalized experience. Personalize each customer's in-store experience, and add a sense of wonder to product discovery
Self-service stations icon

Self-service stations

Allow customers to see what's in stock, provide feedback, apply for memberships, or pick up online purchases.

Assisted selling icon

Assisted selling

With more access to real-time information, employees can provide better customers assistance with inventory, promotions, or product questions on the floor.

89% of shoppers are interested in ordering out-of-stock items via their mobile phones when in-store

Source: Accenture

Why choose Chrome Enterprise?

See how operations runs smoother with Chrome-powered benefits.

Secure by design

Comprehensive, proactive, built-in security to prevent malicious attacks and easily monitor and lock down all devices to keep your customers' data protected.

Easy to orchestrate and share

Simplify security, access and orchestration with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Smart investment

Lower expenses, drive revenue, reduce acquisition and operational costs, and improve business uptime by deploying Chromebooks.

Thanks to Chrome, salespeople can easily answer customers' technical questions about things like a car's Bluetooth capabilities, leading to a smoother sales process. Overall, the system is meeting our customers' needs while reinforcing our reputation as a technically sophisticated company.

Steven Simons, IT Manager for Customer Retail and Product Systems at Toyota Motor, Europe

Enhance your retail environment with cloud-native devices

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