This is the age of the cloud worker

The days of the knowledge worker are over. The way we work has changed. Information is boundless, yet useful. Our jobs are collaborative. The machines we use are fast, helping us get things done without interruptions. This has been made possible by the cloud. All of us have the potential to be cloud workers — and when we work in the cloud together, our businesses gain a competitive edge.

Chrome cloud worker

Cloud workers are always connected

4.6 hours of work time is spent in a web browser each day.*

81% of enterprises have a cloud-first strategy or are prioritizing cloud for new business apps.*

80% of employees agree that their job success depends on instant access to information from a variety of sources.*

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, Rethink Technology in the Age of the Cloud Worker, 2018.

Advantages of cloud working

Business benefits


Secure by design


Granular control


Smart investment

Employee benefits


Enterprise applications


Premium hardware


Workplace efficiency

Empower cloud workers — be an IT hero

Segment your workforce with cloud-based tools.

Build a pilot and plan for an adaptable future.

Leverage AI and machine learning to get more done.

Find the right cloud-native SaaS partners.

Stay at the forefront and inspire others.


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