Journey to a cloud workforce guidebook

Get best practices on how to embark on a journey to a cloud workforce.

Accustomed to using cloud technology in their personal lives, today’s workforce expects the same seamless information access at work. These cloud workers need technology that meets their expectations. By better equipping cloud workers, IT administrators can help their organizations gain agility, flexibility and scalability.

The “Journey to a Cloud Workforce Guidebook” provides tips, resources, strategies and best practices – from companies that have been there – that can help, regardless of where you are at on your journey.

Cloud Workforce Guidebook cover page

What’s inside?

  • Assessment of where you are at and a step-by-step on how to embark on a cloud journey
  • Strategies for identifying cloud-ready workers
  • Best practices for moving apps and workflows to the cloud
  • Tips on launching a pilot program of cloud-native devices and encouraging user adoption

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