Chrome Browser security protects cloud users across all devices

Chrome Browser safeguards businesses from potential security threats while enabling users to work smarter in the cloud.
Safe by design
Chrome Browser security keeps users and their data safe from evolving threats.
Safe Browsing
Google Safe Browsing technology protects your company from malware, phishing, and social engineering attacks by safeguarding online activity with user-friendly alerts.
Instant updates
Chrome Browser regularly updates every six weeks or sooner to keep users and their devices current with the latest security patches.
Security in every layer
Chrome Browser security stops threats before they can impact your business.
Sandboxing and site isolation
Sandboxing prevents malicious web pages from installing malware, while site isolation puts pages from websites into different processes, limiting what each process is allowed to do.
Enhanced networking security
Chrome Browser authenticates secure connections with HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), root CA verification, and mixed script blocking so users’ online activity remains safe.
One step ahead
Chrome Browser security identifies and responds to vulnerabilities quickly.
Fast vulnerability resolution
We release fixes for security vulnerabilities within 60 days, and we’ve also shipped critical security fixes in under 24 hours.
Fuzzing at scale
We help Google outsmart attackers with ClusterFuzz — the Chrome Browser fuzzing infrastructure — which locates vulnerabilities through random data testing.
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