Chrome Browser enterprise security

Chrome Browser empowers organizations to provide a secure and consistent browsing experience to ensure employees stay productive and corporate data stays protected.

Chrome Browser enterprise security

Reduce web risks and stay productive

Limit web attacks with Chrome Browser’s built-in security.

Built in protections

Protect users and company data with Chrome Browser’s proactive alerts and updates to help employees continue their work uninterrupted.

  • Guard users from web threats.

    Safe Browsing enables warnings to appear automatically when users attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download malicious files.
  • Protect users without interruptions.

    Automatic updates run in the background every six weeks or sooner to keep browsers current with the latest security patches.
  • Contain threats before they spread.

    Sandboxing prevents malicious web pages from installing malware, while site isolation puts pages from websites into different processes, stopping malicious sites from stealing data from other sites.
Chrome Browser built in protections

Centrally manage and get visibility across any OS

Get unified browser management and visibility across operating systems with Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Rely on one tool for all operating systems.

A single web interface to help you set and manage security policies and provide the same secure experience across all OSes.

Improve security and visibility.

View browser inventory and extension reporting to help support your governance and compliance efforts.

Configure your browser for enterprise security needs.

Manage what happens to your data with Chrome Browser Cloud Management and have access to take it out at any time.

Trust and control your browser

Control privacy modes and policies to best meets your workplace’s needs

Enforce additional privacy policies.

Manage privacy modes and policies centrally to ensure secure and private browsing experiences for guest or public devices.

Choose the mode that meets your needs.

Consider Guest, Ephemeral, or Incognito modes to balance privacy needs when using shared browsers.

Keep work and personal data separate using profiles.

Configure Incognito or Guest mode to limit basic browsing information, including URLs, visited pages, or records of downloads.

Access Chrome Browser enterprise experts

Roll out your modern browser with 24/7 support from Google.

Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

Get the assurance of direct access to Chrome Browser experts.
This is a paid service for companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Contact sales
  • Extra security, more control

  • 24/7 cross-platform support

  • Help with policy management

Trusted by leading businesses

Adopting Chrome Browser for enterprise has helped us improve our security by providing helpful warnings, blocking outsiders from phishing, and locking out dangerous sites.

Nitin Kadam, Senior Enterprise Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Ensure users stay productive and corporate data stays protected

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