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Google Cloud Certified Fellow: Hybrid Multicloud

The Google Cloud Certified Fellow Program is for elite cloud architects and technical leaders who are experts in designing enterprise solutions. The program recognizes individuals with deep technical expertise who can translate business requirements into technical solutions using Anthos and Google Cloud. The ideal candidate should have the ability to make a public impact, act as an Anthos evangelist, and is someone who is actively engaged in the community.

The ideal candidate should be able to propose solutions that meet business requirements and discuss his/her thought leadership around risk and rewards, pros and cons, including organizational impacts (non-technical) such as:

  • Financial considerations (ROI, TCO)
  • People management (staffing, training, motivating)
  • Project management (planning and timelines)
  • Organizational culture (agility and velocity)

About this certification exam

Languages: English

Program format: A panel interview.

Prerequisites: Must be a Google Cloud customer or partner and referred by your Google contact or an active Google Cloud Certified Fellow.

Recommended tenure: 10+ years of professional experience and 1+ year of experience designing enterprise solutions with Anthos.

Recommended experience

The candidate should have strong engineering and technical experience, and should be able to design a hybrid multicloud solution that is scalable, reliable, secure, flexible, and cost-effective with Anthos. The candidate will demonstrate strong knowledge of:

 •  Design for security and compliance

 •  Anthos-related components to troubleshoot and diagnose problems

 •  Manage clusters and deploy workloads and services

 •  Kubernetes architecture

 •  Istio and Install

 •  Cloud production

 •  Open platform deployment

 •  Architecting for feasibility and reliability

Exam overview


    •  Stand out from the rest. Distinguish yourself as a technical leader and Anthos expert.

    •  Authenticate your skills. Validate and demonstrate industry-leading expertise.

    •  Engage your leaders. Expand your network through a community of top industry architects and leaders.

Becoming a Google Cloud Certified Fellow

This certification is for individuals with enterprise Anthos experience and is currently open only to nominated participants. Please reach out to your Google contact for information on how to apply. We encourage having 10+ years of professional experience before attempting this certification.

    •  Receive invitation

    •  Submit application and work samples

    •  Interview with a panel of experts

Review the assessment guides

Review the competency guide for a complete list of qualities that will be assessed during the interview.



Hybrid and multicloud learning path