Google Cloud Certified Fellows:

Hybrid Multi-cloud

Learn more about the distinguished Google Cloud Certified Fellows and explore their experience and qualifications.


Mark Ayala

Senior Software Engineer, H-E-B

Mark is a Senior Software Engineer with 20+ years of networking experience in the IT industry, with a focus on cloud technologies and Kubernetes. His team designs and implements H-E-B’s enterprise hybrid cloud solutions.

Konrad Clapa

Senior Expert and Lead Technical Architect, Atos

Konrad is a Lead Technical Architect on the Atos R&D team with 10+ years of IT experience (and 30+ industry certifications) working for top Atos enterprise customers. He is an enthusiast of hybrid and multi-cloud technologies and worked with Anthos in the early stages of the product, equipping him with a thorough knowledge of the suite.

Andrew Farrell

Domain Architect - Cloud and DevOps Tooling, ANZ Banking Group

Andrew is a Cloud Architect in Financial Services, focused on customer outcomes built on cloud computing platforms, automation, and CI/CD tooling to support the structured delivery of change.

Brad Geesaman

Independent Security Consultant

As an Independent Security Consultant, Brad helps clients improve the security of their Kubernetes clusters in cloud-native environments and educates others on the security risks inherent in complex distributed systems.

Garrett Griffin

Software Engineer, H-E-B

During Garrett's tenure at H-E-B, he's worked on major projects, including the H-E-B Curbside Fulfillment and Last Mile Applications. He designs, configures, and supports the Kubernetes platform.

Mamoun A. Hirzalla

Solution Architecture and Delivery Lead, Accenture

Mamoun is a NA Solution Architecture and Delivery lead at Accenture. He’s a hands-on technical leader who’s architected and delivered solutions across industries using Google Cloud technology. His 20+ years of experience spans various roles across the entire development life cycle, and consulting globally.

Dwayne Holmes

Sr. Director IT Delivery, Marriott

As Sr. Director IT Delivery at Marriott, Dwayne and his team operate one of the largest multi-cloud production Kubernetes clusters, focusing on enterprise-scale "developer experiences” that include CI/CD, cloud, DevOps, and containers. He’s working on a rapid development framework that companies can use to lower costs and quickly bring ideas to market.

Gabe Jaynes

Hybrid Cloud Specialist, Google

Gabe joined Google from KeyBank, where he was a founding member of the DevOps practice and worked as the Principal Cloud Architect driving cloud direction and adoption. Gabe was responsible for designing and implementing the containerized/Kubernetes environment at Key and worked with Google to help pilot and deploy Anthos as part of the Early Access Program.

Norman L. Johnson IV

Senior Automation Engineer of Cloud Service, SAS

Norman specializes in DevSecOps, modernization, and hybrid cloud adoption at SAS. After two decades working in all areas of IT, he knows what drives innovation and improves efficiency: understanding the technology, addressing customer needs, and designing the best ROI solutions. His experience in management and training enabled him to teach DevSecOps best practices to numerous companies

Chris Love

Founder, LionKube

As a thought leader in the Kubernetes and DevOps segment, Chris is a founder of multiple technology companies with 20+ years experience in software engineering. He has contributed to several open-source projects including Kubernetes, Bazel, and Terraform. Chris is also a published author of the book "Core Kubernetes".

Michael Madison

Cloud Platform Architect, World Wide Technology

As a Cloud Platform Architect, Michael works to help organizations on their journey to the cloud. His background includes application modernization, hybrid-cloud, big-data, and devops. He has supported finance, large retail, national food chains, professional sports, and many other organizations on their journey to the cloud.

Babak Nasri

Information Technology Architecture Manager, TELUS

Babak is a Manager in Technology Architecture at Telus Health and has a 20+ year history of development, architecture, security, operation, and management in IT. He’s on a quest to apply technology to improve lives and enable customers to deliver positive outcomes.

Jason O'Connell

GCP Platform Owner, Macquarie Banking & Financial Services

Jason is the GCP Platform Owner at Macquarie and passionate about platforms that unleash developer productivity while improving risk and security. He believes experimentation, failing fast, and releasing often are capabilities that platforms unlock to help businesses grow.

Zach Snee

Cloud Transformation & Migration Manager, Accenture

As a certified Cloud Solutions Architect, Zach has led Accenture and partner teams in the design and deployment of IaaS and PaaS solutions on Google Cloud and other CSPs to meet customers’ hybrid and multi-cloud needs. His 13+ years of IT experience spans retail, telecommunications, financial services, and government.

Scott Surovich

Global Container Engineering Lead, HSBC Bank

With 25+ years of experience in information technology, including Windows, Linux, virtualization, cloud technologies, Docker, and Kubernetes, Scott has spent the last two years as Global Container Engineering Lead, focusing on the design and implementation of HSBC’s global Kubernetes platform running on GKE.

Phil Taylor

Chief Technology Officer, IGNW

Phil is Chief Technology Officer at IGNW, overseeing next generation software engineering, cloud, DevOps, and advanced infrastructure. He is passionate about helping customers create digital transformation strategies that drive better ROI and reduce time to market on infrastructure and software delivery. Phil has 20+ years experience building software in financial, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing verticals.

Jonas Vadebo

Site Reliability Engineer, NetEnt

In 2018, Jonas joined operations at NetEnt, Stockholm, as Site Reliability Engineer and Developer Advocate, where he’s helping to build a Site Reliability Service team and evolving their gaming platform using Google Cloud and Anthos. He has almost a decade of experience in software engineering as a developer.

Jenn Viau

Consultant, Arctiq

Jenn is passionate about exploring new approaches, tools, and methodologies, and helping people find the "right" way and "right" tooling to get things done. That’s been the recipe for success in her 15+ year career from Systems Administrator to DevOps Engineer to her present position as Consultant.

Brendan Wreford

Principal Engineer - Australia Business Transformation, ANZ Bank

Brendan is a Principal Engineer at ANZ with extensive experience in software engineering, site reliability engineering and cloud native technologies. He is currently leading a large team responsible for building a next generation digital banking platform.

John Wynkoop

Chief Technology Officer, Eastern Region, IGNW

Serving as IGNW’s Regional CTO for the Southeast US, John helps customers build and execute strategies to speed time to market through adoption of hybrid cloud and cloud-native technologies. He is passionate about building scalable distributed systems and leading customers in digital transformation, infrastructure automation, and application modernization through adoption of SRE practices.