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Carbon Footprint Preview

Measure, report, and reduce your cloud carbon emissions. 

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    Include gross carbon emissions data in reports and disclosures 

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    Visualize carbon insights via dashboards and charts

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    Reduce the gross emissions of cloud applications and infrastructure


Accurately measure your gross carbon footprint

View the gross, location-based emissions that derive from your Google Cloud usage, providing transparency into emissions associated with your cloud applications. Your net operational emissions are zero.

Track the emissions profile of cloud projects

Monitor your gross cloud emissions over time by project, product, and region—giving IT teams and developers metrics that can help them improve their carbon footprint. 

Share detailed methodology with reviewers

Our detailed calculation methodology is published so that reviewers and reporting teams can verify that their emissions data meets GHG Protocol.  

Key features

Key features

In-console dashboard

The dashboard data summary gives you a high-level overview of the gross carbon emissions from electricity associated with the usage of covered Google Cloud services for your account. 

Automated exports and BigQuery

You can export your Carbon Footprint data to BigQuery in order to perform data analysis, create custom dashboards and reports, or include the data in your organization's emissions accounting tools. 

Breakdowns by region, project, product, and month

You can segment your total gross carbon emissions according to Google Cloud service, project, region, and month for the selected billing account over all available months.

Gross emission reduction estimates

Carbon Footprint data is integrated with unattended project recommender, which provides you with estimates of the gross emission reductions you could achieve by removing idle projects.   

Third-party review of Carbon Footprint methodology

We've published a review statement from third-party experts in sustainability consulting which concludes that Carbon Footprint's methodology is an appropriate way to calculate emissions from Google Cloud products, per the GHG Protocol. 


Helping customers reduce their environmental impact

Google Cloud operates the cleanest cloud in the industry in order to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals. 

What's new

Get the latest carbon reporting news and events

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Carbon Footprint reporting methodology

Review the calculation methodology that Google Cloud uses to give our customers a report tailored to their specific gross carbon footprint. 

Google Cloud Basics
Export your carbon footprint

Learn how to export your Carbon Footprint data to BigQuery or Sheets in order to perform data analysis and create custom dashboards and reports.

Best Practice
How to reduce your cloud carbon‌ ‌footprint‌

Read our best practices guide for building Google Cloud applications that have a minimal carbon footprint.



Carbon Footprint is provided for no charge to all Google Cloud customers.

If you export your carbon emissions data to BigQuery you'll incur minimal fees. To get an idea of what charges you might expect, see estimating storage and query costs.


Data, reporting, and consulting partners

You can integrate your Google Cloud emissions data with popular carbon accounting tools. We also partner with organizations that specialize in emissions and environmental data.