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Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP)

CAMP has been designed as an end-to-end framework to help guide organizations through their modernization journey by assessing where they are today and identifying their most effective path forward. 

Four Phases of CAMP

Four phases of the CAMP Framework


A guided experience for your journey through modern design patterns & practices

Meet you where you are

Our data-driven assessments can establish a baseline for your organization and help build a tailored modernization journey that’s right for your team and your business. 

Show you the future

Deliver world-class experiences to accommodate any starting point and help move you towards your future via practices, tools, and technologies that are innovative, maintainable, and cost effective.

Get there together

Opportunities to uniquely partner to learn, improve, and deliver software that is agile, reliable, and optimized for cloud.


Our partners

To help facilitate our customers' modernization journey, Google works closely with a set of experienced partners globally.