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IAM roles and permissions

Access control in Cloud Build is controlled using Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM enables you to create and manage permissions for Google Cloud resources. Cloud Build provides a specific set of predefined IAM roles where each role contains a set of permissions. You can use these roles to give more granular access to specific Google Cloud resources and prevent unwanted access to other resources. IAM lets you adopt the security principle of least privilege, so you grant only the necessary access to your resources.

This page describes Cloud Build roles and permissions.

Predefined Cloud Build roles

With IAM, every API method in Cloud Build API requires that the identity making the API request has the appropriate permissions to use the resource. Permissions are granted by setting policies that grant roles to a member (user, group, or service account) of your project. You can grant multiple roles to a project member on the same resource.

The table below lists the Cloud Build IAM roles and the permissions that they include:

Role Description Permissions
roles/cloudbuild.builds.viewer Can view Cloud Build




roles/cloudbuild.builds.editor Full control of Cloud Build






roles/cloudbuild.builds.builder When you enable the
Cloud Build API for a project,
the Cloud Build service account
is automatically created in the project
and is granted this role for the resources
in the project. The Cloud Build
service account uses this role only as
required to perform actions when
executing your build.
For a list of permissions
that this role contains,
see Cloud Build service account.

In addition to the above Cloud Build predefined roles, the basic Viewer, Editor, and Owner roles also include permissions related to Cloud Build. However, we recommend that you grant predefined roles where possible to comply with the security principle of least privilege.

The table below lists the basic roles and the Cloud Build IAM roles that they include.

Role includes role
roles/viewer roles/cloudbuild.builds.viewer
roles/editor or roles/owner roles/cloudbuild.builds.editor


The following table lists the permissions that the caller must have to call each method:

API Method Required Permission Role Title
cloudbuild.builds.create Cloud Build Editor
builds.cancel() cloudbuild.builds.update Cloud Build Editor
cloudbuild.builds.get Cloud Build Editor, Cloud Build Viewer
cloudbuild.builds.list Cloud Build Editor, Cloud Build Viewer

Permissions to view build logs

To view build logs, you require additional permissions depending on whether you're storing your build logs in the default Cloud Storage bucket or in a user-specified Cloud Storage bucket. For more information on permissions required to view build logs, see Storing and viewing build logs.

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