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New research on how Google Cloud certifications are transforming careers and businesses

July 7, 2020
Jennifer Tollar

Certifications, Google Cloud

Getting the most from cloud technologies means organizations need the right talent with the right combination of skills. However, 86 percent of IT leaders report that the shortage of cloud computing skills will slow down their 2020 cloud projects. To find the cloud skills they need, companies are increasingly turning to industry-recognized certifications: 93 percent of IT decision-makers around the world agree that certified employees provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification. 

To further measure the impact our portfolio of Google Cloud certifications have on individuals and businesses, we commissioned an independent third-party research organization to conduct a survey of 1,789 recent Google Cloud certified individuals. 

You can dig deeper into the results of the survey in this report. Here are some of the highlights, which showcase how industry-recognized Google Cloud certifications help individuals validate their cloud expertise, elevate their careers, and transform businesses with Google Cloud technology. 

Google Cloud certifications help individuals build expert, real-world cloud skills that businesses need

To become Google Cloud certified, you must prove your ability to build strong cloud solutions and your knowledge of business use-cases you’ll encounter day-to-day in a real job. 

Google Cloud certifications give individuals confidence in their mastery of cloud skills with 87 percent of survey participants more confident about their cloud skills and 83 percent able to prove cloud competency to recruiters. Moreover, 78 percent of respondents were satisfied with how accurately Google Cloud certifications validated their skills for a particular role.

Certifications help with promotions, raises, and career changes

The majority of those who pursued a certification did so with the intention to increase opportunities in their current job, which materialized for most. More than 1 in 4 Google Cloud certified individuals took on more responsibilities or leadership roles while almost 1 in 5 received a raise.

Furthermore, 30 percent of Google Cloud certified individuals applied for a new role, of which 70 percent received at least one job offer while 42 percent of applicants received two or more job offers. 

Certified individuals help organizations modernize faster and increase business impact 

71 percent of Google Cloud Certified individuals report becoming certified enabled or will enable their employer to get more business, increase work with existing customers, or help scale up their business. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Cloud certifications, register for our free “Why certify?” Cloud Study Jam session at Next ‘20: OnAir on July 15. Ready to start preparing for your certification? Sign up here to receive a six-week learning path designed to help you get ready for the certification most suited to your role.

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