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Google Cloud Certifications adds new sustainable benefits and donation opportunities

October 21, 2022
Mara Soss

Credentials Benefits & Engagement Lead

We are thrilled to announce some new Google Cloud certification benefits that reinforce our commitment to Google Cloud certified individuals and our global sustainability strategy. Read on for a look at what’s to come for our certified community.

New Google Cloud certified digital toolkit for all Google Cloud certified individuals

An official Google Cloud certified digital toolkit will now be awarded to all Google Cloud certified and recertified individuals, including those with the Cloud Digital Leader, Associate Cloud Engineer, and Professional Google Cloud certifications. The assets in this digital toolkit are an exciting new addition to the Google Cloud certification benefits, and were designed to help any Google Cloud certified individual show off their certification accomplishment. And the best part -  they’re instantly available once becoming officially Google Cloud certified. Keep an eye out for new designs that will become available to the Google Cloud certified community on an ongoing basis.

The assets include: 

  • Google Cloud Certified Google Meet background: Use this digital background to proudly display your certified status during Google Meet meetings 

  • Google Cloud Certified official email signature: Use this template to easily add your Google Cloud certification(s) on your email signature

  • Google Cloud Certified social media profile banner: Update your LinkedIn profile with a banner to better stand out across your network

#GoogleCloudCertified social media banner

Our Google Cloud certified community can access their digital toolkit in the Google Cloud Certified Group.

Sustainable options for Google Cloud certified professional merchandise

Individuals who become newly Google Cloud certified at the professional level will unlock exclusive Google Cloud certified professional merchandise, which will now be shipped in sustainable, low carbon-footprint shipping boxes - that are reusable and made with 100% recycled materials. We are excited to also launch a new global fulfillment platform that will allow us to fulfill orders locally in Europe and India.  This will not only deliver items faster but will also reduce carbon emissions from transit.  Merchandise will continue to be sourced through sustainable suppliers that align with Google’s sustainability practices.

The merchandise unlocked by individuals who achieve a Professional Google Cloud certification features brands that respect our planet, such as Timbuk2, which uses 100% nylon and polyester from  pre- and post- consumer materials to construct their backpacks. 

Celebrate your Google Cloud certification with a charitable donation

In lieu of selecting merchandise, individuals who certify or renew a professional level certification can celebrate their certification by requesting Google Cloud to donate ($55 USD) to one of two charitable organizations. We’re proud to share that we’re working with Pratham.org, one of the largest NGO organizations in India that focuses on improving the quality of education in India and ALERTWildfire, a network of nearly 1,000 specialized camera installations used by first responders and volunteers to detect, monitor, and fight wildfires before they become too big. The cameras also support critical evacuation efforts by relaying real-time information when it's needed most.

Interested in becoming Google Cloud certified? Check out our Google Cloud certifications and take advantage of the available Google Cloud certified benefits.

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