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Cyber Security Forecast 2023 with Charles Carmakal, Mandiant Consulting CTO

October 31, 2022

Written by: Adam Greenberg

In the cyber security realm, it pays to stop and think about what we expect to see in the coming year. If we have an idea of the threats we face, we can have a plan. Plans bring readiness, and readiness can mean the difference between effectively thwarting an attack and needing to respond to a compromise.

We recently heard about what Sandra Joyce, Mandiant Head of Global Intelligence, is thinking about as we enter 2023. But as stated in that post, it takes more than one person to provide a complete picture on what’s to come next year.

That’s why we turned to Charles Carmakal, Mandiant Consulting CTO, for additional insights on what we should be ready for in 2023.

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Charles has a lot of great thoughts about attacker types, how best to be prepared, and more, but even if you include Sandra’s keen insights, the cyber landscape is vast and there are many more observations. We’ve included a wide variety of security topics on the year ahead in our report, Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023, which will be released on Nov. 2. In the weeks following the release of the report, we will also be sharing more thoughts on 2023 in a webinar and podcast.

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