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Google Cloud and MongoDB expand partnership to support startups

March 8, 2023
Ryan Kiskis

Director, Startup Ecosystem, Google Cloud

Scale your Startups from ideation to growth with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud. By providing an integrated set of database and data services and a unified developer experience, MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud lets companies at all stages build applications that are highly available, performant at global scale, and compliant with the most demanding security and privacy standards.Today we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our partnership to also support startups together.

In addition to the technology, each company has dedicated programs to help startups scale quicker with financial, business and technical support. 

Harness the power of our partnership for startups

There are two key ways in which we believe our partnership can help startups scale quicker, more safely and more successfully: 

1. Our technologies

MongoDB Atlas allows you to run our fully-managed developer data platform on Google Cloud in just a few clicks. Set up, scale, and operate MongoDB Atlas anywhere in the world with the versatility, security and high-availability you need. Run MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud to gain true multi-cloud capabilities, best-in-class automation, workload intelligence, and proven practices with the most modern developer data platform available. With the Pay-As-You-Go option on the Google Cloud Marketplace, you only pay for the Atlas resources you use, with no upfront commitment required.

Got global customers? Google Cloud is wherever they are and MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to distribute your data for low latency performance and global compliance needs. Selling to a tough enterprise crowd? Data in MongoDB Atlas is protected from the start with preconfigured security features for authentication, authorization, and encryption, and is stored in the same zero-trust, shared-risk model that Google itself depends on. 

As partners, Google Cloud and MongoDB co-engineer streamlined integrations between MongoDB Atlas and many Google Cloud services to make it easier to deploy apps (Dataflow, GKE, Cloud Run), pull in data from other sources (Apigee), run in flexible multi cloud environments (Anthos), easy deployment of MEAN stack, and Terraform and analyze data (BigQuery, Vertex AI). 

2. Our dedicated startup programs

The Google for Startups Cloud program provides:

Credits for Google Cloud, Google Workspace, access to training programs and technical support via a dedicated Startup Success Manager, our global Google Cloud Startup Community, and co-marketing opportunities for select startups.

  • Credits: If you’re early in your startup journey and not yet backed with equity funding, you’ll have access to $2,000 of Google Cloud credits. If you are, your first year of Cloud and Firebase usage is covered with credits up to $100,000. Plus, in year two get 20% of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered, up to an additional $100,000 in credits*

  • Google-wide discounts: Free Google Workspace Business Plus for new signups and monthly credits on Google Maps Platform for 12 months for new signups

  • Training: Google Cloud Skills Boost credits giving access to online courses and hands-on labs

  • Technical support: Get timely help 24/7 through Enhanced Support by applying Google Cloud credits

  • Business Support & Networking: Access to a Startup Success Manager, our global Google Cloud Startup Community, and co-marketing opportunities for select startups

The MongoDB for Startups program provides: 

Credits for MongoDB Atlas, dedicated onboarding support, a wide range of hands-on training available on-demand, a complimentary technical advisor session, and co-marketing opportunities to help you amplify your business.  

  • Credits: Free credits for MongoDB Atlas,  including usage of the core Atlas Database, in addition to extended data services for full-text search, data visualization, real-time analytics, building event-driven applications and more to supercharge your data infrastructure

  • Dedicated Onboarding Support: Bespoke onboarding resources tailored to help you successfully adopt and scale MongoDB Atlas  

  • Hands-on Training: Free on-demand content access to MongoDB’s library of training with 150+ hands-on labs

  • Expert Technical Advice: A dedicated one-on-one session with our technical experts for personalized recommendations to add scale and optimize

  • Go to Market Opportunities: Engage with MongoDB’s diverse community of startups and developers through networking events and work with MongoDB on co-marketing initiatives to amplify your startup's growth and promote the innovative tech you are building

Startups finding success with Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas Startup programs

Many startups have found these integrations and the interoperability between Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas to be a powerful combination: 

  • Thunkable, a no-code app development platform, has found quick success (3 million users) with a team of just four to six engineers. “The engineering team has always been focused on building the product,” said Thunkable engineer, Jose Dominguez. “So not having to worry about the database was a great win for us. It allowed us to iterate very fast…. As we scale, supporting more enterprise customers, we don’t have to worry about database management issues.”

  • Phonic — a software company that applies intelligent analytics to qualitative research in order to break down barriers between qualitative and quantitative data — uses Google Cloud for distributed file storage, App Engine for auto-scaling, and MongoDB Atlas to support its needs for flexible databases that can adjust to frequent schema changes.

Next steps

To apply to join the Google for Startups Cloud program and MongoDB Atlas Startup program, and to learn more about the benefits each offers, visit our partnership page. Companies enrolled in both startup programs will have exclusive access to joint events, technical support, bespoke offers and much more.

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