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Google Public Sector brings citizen-centric technology to government

October 16, 2023
Leigh Palmer

Vice President, Technology, Strategy and Delivery, Google Public Sector

What makes Google an extraordinary technology company is its relentless focus on the end-user. It’s what’s led to billions of people interacting every day with products and services like Search, Maps, and Gmail. And it’s what’s led to my joining Google Public Sector shortly after it was formed in July of 2022.

Underpinning Google products and services – which provide an intuitive, personalized consumer experience – is artificial intelligence and security. AI is delivering great experiences to our users, securely and at global scale at every moment. It is what we have come to think of as the “Google magic.”

Google Public Sector is bringing the Google magic – evolving cloud and AI technologies, security, and scale – to the mission of the government to transform the way citizens experience public services and the way agencies operate. For two decades, we have leveraged the power of AI to organize the world’s information and make it useful to people, businesses, and public organizations. We want to bring that power - and its mission-critical capabilities - to our government workers and military service men and women.

Bringing Google innovation to the public sector

Imagine if the public sector brought this same “innovation” mindset to its employees by developing a relentless focus on the end-user experience. In our post-pandemic society, the majority of individuals anticipate higher technology use and expect improved digital services from their government. But governments are not yet meeting citizen expectations.

Government agencies face procurement roadblocks when it comes to investing in transformational technologies. This has led to increasing frustration among government workers and citizens. One source estimates that in the U.S. as much as $140 billion dollars in governmental benefits go unclaimed. The White House’s Office of Management and Budget attributes this bottleneck to the “time tax,” or the amount of effort required to fill out applications, assemble documents, and schedule government visits. At the same time, 92% of citizens report that “improved digital services would positively impact their view of government,” with the ability to complete processes online being their top choice for state service improvements.

Google Public Sector works with a broad ecosystem of partners to meet customers where they are. Our partners help local, state, and federal agencies define their technological needs and curate solutions that leverage their existing technology investments and create new opportunities via modern digital tools to better serve their constituents.

In Dearborn, Mich., for example, we helped the local government implement a call center so residents can access city services in multiple languages, anywhere, any time. Most recently, we partnered with the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit to develop AI models to assist augmented reality microscopes (ARM) with cancer detection, leading to earlier and more accurate diagnoses. That's real-world impact.

Driving mission outcomes for defense and security organizations

Migrating to the cloud can be transformational for all organizations: It modernizes infrastructure and accelerates data analytics at scale. At Next ‘23, I heard panelists from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO) and the Joint Warfare Cloud Capability (JWCC) PMO describe the need for innovation and cloud adoption to further their mission objectives. Our country’s defense and security organizations, however, require the highest levels of data security and privacy with a reliable network and tools that are easy to use in mission-critical contexts.

Google has been a thought leader and a pioneer developer in security for decades and we are excited to bring these capabilities to our defense and national security customers. For those with the highest security needs, Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDCH) offers a private, disconnected cloud network with client-side encryption and the ability to support classified workloads from the enterprise level to the tactical edge. It delivers advanced cloud services, including many of our data and machine learning technologies, while remaining air-gapped and disconnected from the public internet.

Fueling a digital future together

Constituents expect their governments to deliver secure, personalized experiences comparable to those offered by private enterprises. Our commitment to the public sector is just that - to meet customers where they are to help them bring the Google magic to their public services. With our industry expertise, our vast partner ecosystem, and our technologies, we can work together to ensure mission success in a secure,responsible, scalable way that leaves the doors open to future innovation.

Learn how Gen AI can improve the future of citizen engagement and services by downloading the new 10 step guide by Google Public Sector.

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