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Extending our open, flexible ecosystem for AI at Next ‘23

August 29, 2023
Kevin Ichhpurani

Corporate VP, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels

Google Cloud partners with with more than 100,000 companies around the world in support of our customers. This year at Google Cloud Next 2023, we’re proud to highlight these partners and their role in helping customers incorporate generative AI into their businesses. Partners are building new gen AI applications and models, powering new features in their platforms with Vertex AI and BigQuery, launching new data offerings, and scaling important implementation services that will help customers see value from gen AI more quickly.

We’re committed to being the most open hyperscale cloud provider and are constantly adding new partners (and capabilities) at every layer of the AI stack. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re announcing at Next ‘23 in support of our partners:

Launching a new Generative AI Initiative for Partners

To help our partners accelerate their gen AI innovation and delivery, we’re bringing our resources, tooling, and programs for partners together into a single initiative. The new Google Cloud Generative AI Partner Initiative will make it very easy for our partners to utilize expertise and resources like AI journey maps and learning assets, and to benefit from separate “Services” and “Build” tracks for partners working with gen AI.

Bringing partner-developed AI models to Google Cloud

Google Cloud is committed to an open approach to gen AI development, particularly when it comes to which models we offer to customers. Model builders like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, and Osmo were early Google Cloud partners, and they continue to develop and offer AI models on Google Cloud. In addition, important AI tooling providers like Aible, Anyscale, Bending Spoons, Faraday, Gitlab, Replit, and Tabnine have all launched their solutions on Google Cloud, so that customers can develop their own models and apps on our infrastructure. 

At Next ‘23, we’re excited to announce that customers now have access to more than 100 foundation models, including third-party and popular open-source versions, in our Model Garden. This includes Meta’s Llama 2 model, and we’re pre-announcing availability of Anthropic’s Claude-2 model. We believe this makes us the most comprehensive AI platform in the industry.

Extending generative AI to enterprise applications and platforms

Many leading SaaS providers like Box, Canva, Dialpad, Jasper, Salesforce, and UKG have already announced plans to build new gen AI features for business users with Google Cloud. 

Today, we’re expanding our work with leading business application providers Docusign, SAP, and Workday to create even more value for our mutual customers:

  • Docusign is piloting a new “smart contract assistant” in its platform, powered by Vertex AI, that will allow users to ask natural questions and better understand complex contracts and documents.
  • SAP is working with us to develop new solutions utilizing Google foundation models via Vertex AI and SAP data, beginning with solutions to enhance customers’ sustainability initiatives and improve safety and manufacturing processes for the automotive industry. 
  • As part of their multi-cloud strategy, Workday’s applications for Finance and HR are now live on Google Cloud, and they are working with us to develop new gen AI capabilities within the flow of Workday. This includes the ability to generate high-quality job descriptions and to bring Google Cloud gen AI to app developers via the skills API in Workday Extend, while helping to ensure high levels of data security and governance for customers’ most sensitive information.

Powering generative AI development with open data

Data is foundational to gen AI development, and Google Cloud has been a leader in providing open data sources to customers. Last week, a number of our data and analytics partners introduced new integrations and solutions that will help customers address industry-specific needs with data and AI; develop bespoke gen AI models trained on trusted data; and help users better explore their data with gen AI. These include partners like Confluent, DataRobot, Elastic, MongoDB, and more.

Today, we’re forging new or expanded partnerships with industry-leading data providers like Acxiom, Bloomberg, CoreLogic, Equifax, NIQ and TransUnion. Access to this diverse volume of third-party datasets will accelerate customers’ time-to-value and pave the way for innovation with AI.

Supporting fast-growing generative AI startups

Innovative gen AI startups, like Replit, Typeface, Jasper, and more, are increasingly choosing to build on Google Cloud. Our open infrastructure, TPUs, GPUs, and Vertex AI platform have made us the go-to destination for startups, as today more than half of all funded gen AI startups are Google Cloud customers. This includes 70% of gen AI unicorns, like Anthropic, Cohere, and more.

Today, we’re announcing additional startups who are building gen AI solutions on Google Cloud, including companies like CoRover, Elemental Cognition, Fiddler, and Quora. These fast-growing companies and many others are partnering with us, and making their enterprise apps available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Scaling partner-delivered AI implementation services

Google Cloud has always been partner-led in services delivery, and in recent months our global systems integrator (GSI) partners have launched dedicated practices focused on implementing Google Cloud’s gen AI, with plans to collectively train more than 150,000 experts on our technology. In fact, our recent study with IDC found that these GSIs will more than triple their overall professional services capacity for Google Cloud customers by 2025.

As customers seek expertise and specialized solutions from our network of specialized services providers, these partners will play a fundamental and growing role helping businesses successfully deploy gen AI. 

Annual partner awards

Finally, we’re proud to recognize our global partners at Google Cloud Next this year, with partner awards based on their work supporting customers’ digital transformations. From innovative ISVs building gen AI solutions, to global systems integrators solving key customer challenges, to consultants helping customers deploy Google Cloud AI tools, you can see our full list of partner award winners here.

On behalf of Google Cloud, I want to thank our partner ecosystem for their commitment to customer success. We’re proud to be a partner-first business and to work alongside our ecosystem to help customers implement important technologies like gen AI, benefit from trusted cloud infrastructure, modernize critical data systems and infrastructure, and more.

You can learn more about our Partner Advantage program at partneradvantage.goog.

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