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Investing in Differentiation brings great customer experiences and repeatable business

July 7, 2022
Derrick Thompson

Global Head of Partner Differentiation

“Customer success is the cornerstone of our partner ecosystem and ensures our joint customers experience the innovation, faster time to value, and top notch skills from Google and Google Cloud Partners.”Nina Harding, Global Chief, Partner Advantage Program.

Our ecosystem is a strong, validated ally to help you drive business growth and solve complex challenges. Differentiation achievements help you select a partner with confidence, knowing that Google Cloud has verified their skills and customer success across our products, horizontal solutions and key industries.  In all cases, our partners have demonstrated their commitment to learning and ongoing training, demonstrated through earned certifications, Specialization and Expertise

To further refine the process of helping customers find the best partner fast, we recently introduced Net Promoter Score© within Partner Advantage.  This industry standard rating tool allows customers to provide feedback and insights on their successes with partners quickly and easily. We encourage you to work with your partners to share your success and provide feedback using Net Promoter Score.

To find the most highly qualified, experienced partners the Google Cloud Partner Directory puts you in the driver’s seat. This purpose-built tool helps customers like you leverage partner Differentiation achievements to move forward with confidence as you start your next project.


This new “How to find the right Google Cloud Partner” video shows you how to create a shortlist of potential partners by Region, and based on 14 different strategic solution categories or 100+ Expertise designations.

To find a partner that meets your specific needs, or complements your capable team, look no further than Partner Advantage’s Differentiation framework and share in our congratulations to some partners that have achieved Specialization the past few quarters.

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