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Financial Services

Predict, personalize, and wow your customers with better analytics and AI

June 6, 2023
Zac Maufe

Managing Director, Regulated Industries, Google Cloud

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What will financial services look like in the future? Historically, financial services have been driven by one-on-one relationship-based interactions. 

Now, customers expect these trusted relationships to translate into personalized, digital experiences that prove their providers know and value them, and have the capabilities to help them.


It’s no secret that customer engagement leads to revenue growth. That’s why customer data platforms (CDPs) have gained traction across multiple industries to help businesses analyze, predict, and personalize customer journeys.


However, a CDP by itself may not be sufficient to gain a holistic view of the customer. Financial services institutions already capture a myriad of customer and marketing data and use many tools to engage their customers. But companies still struggle to unify and analyze all that data across silos and create a holistic view of their customers that’s actionable across different channels and capabilities.


Financial services companies will need to think strategically about maximizing their use of first-party data and analytics to drive better and sustainable business outcomes.


With a true 360 view of the customer, financial services institutions can seamlessly combine all the right data and gain meaningful insights to deliver the type of personalization that really matters to customers.


Google Cloud is here to help

Customer expectations are changing rapidly, and financial services leaders need to be as innovative and efficient as possible. By combining customer servicing and transactional data with marketing, channel, CRM, and other first-party data within a secure cloud-based environment, equipped with intelligent, ML-driven customer insights, financial services companies can uncover deeper customer insights and activate them quickly.

To learn more or explore how Google Cloud fits into your customer data technology strategy, please contact us or visit our website.


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