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AppLovin builds on Google Cloud to transform mobile marketing

July 23, 2021
Nirav Mehta

Sr Director, Product Management, Google Cloud

Jeff Birnbaum

Director, Global Partnerships, Google

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Today’s fastest growing companies are building and scaling in the cloud. Turning to a modern cloud as a platform for growth not only enables easy access to capabilities in areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), but also a platform on which they can quickly scale an entire business and deliver products to fast-growing customer bases.

The mobile app industry is a great example of this—the numbers in mobile apps are many and continue to grow: thousands of developers making millions of apps, downloaded billions of times around the world, to billions of users spending an increasing amount of time online through apps.

AppLovin is a leading marketing software company that sits squarely in the middle of this fast-moving, engaging, and yes, challenging market. AppLovin’s technology platform enables developers to market, monetize, analyze and publish their apps. AppLovin’s ML engine makes three trillion daily predictions based on over 6.5 trillion events per day. In the past year alone, AppLovin has driven 7.5 billion downloads on its platform, helping app developers find over 3 billion new users.

AppLovin and Google have a strategic partnership, prioritizing the enablement of AppLovin’s marketing, monetization, and app launch/distribution efforts. To bring it all together, and to power AppLovin’s massive growth, AppLovin needed a cloud platform on which it could easily scale its business, and they turned to Google Cloud.

Initially, AppLovin delivered its services to customers using co-location, bare metal and cloud. As its growth accelerated and customers’ needs grew, they evaluated consolidating on the cloud as a platform on which to run and scale their business. Today, AppLovin is delivering its core services and applications to customers on Google Cloud’s low-latency, scalable infrastructure, ensuring that AppLovin customers can run campaigns and have access to the tools they need to grow their apps and that AppLovin has a cloud partner who will easily scale alongside them.

Beginning their migration to the cloud in early 2021, AppLovin successfully migrated seven data centers to Google Cloud (including five in a single day) with no service disruption to its customers. AppLovin is also using other Google Cloud technologies like Dataproc, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage and Google Network Load Balancing to grow its business.

The impact was immediate. AppLovin saw latency on its bidding platform decrease by 25%, a material improvement to the customer experience. Network load balancers improved performance and provided ease of management. Savings like this, in money and brain power, mean AppLovin can continue to grow and scale. 

“Migrating to Google Cloud has been instrumental to our technology platform. The speed and strength of Google Cloud’s infrastructure and hardware has driven noticeable improvements across our business, and has given us a path to grow,” said Omer Hasan, VP of Operations at AppLovin.

Like a good ML system, AppLovin's technology continuously improves with more data. Its content investments mean even more of its first-party data will be coming onstream, increasing its data advantage, but underscoring the need for a strong and responsive compute infrastructure. ML can require an enormous amount of data across a system that is meant not just for scaling, but for changing—fast. This includes variable processing demands, rapid changes in values and configurations, and even automated system upgrades with minimal downtime or hassles. 

Speed. Power. Capability. Reliability. Partnering. Data insights, on an unmatched, secure network. If these are some of the things you're looking for in a cloud, we'd love to see how we can help.

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